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Make-Ahead Breakfast: Cocoa-Banana Whole-Wheat Pancakes

I know what I’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday…).  And it’s full of chocolate-banana goodness!  My friend had a busy weekend and she invited me over for an energizing breakfast of whole-wheat pancakes with … Continue reading

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So-Simple Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted!  I am going out of town tomorrow so I’ve been eating with the goal of cleaning out my fridge and pantry, not the goal of eating delicious, healthy foods!  Some of the … Continue reading

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Easiest Personalized Breakfast: Bircher Muesli

Do you know what Swiss goat herders eat for breakfast before yodelling to their herds in alpine pastures?  Me neither.  But I can imagine.  And I like to imagine that they eat Bircher Muesli, a hearty, healthy breakfast dish will … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine: Fast Chocolate-Banana French Toast

My fruit basket was looking a little bit too full, and I know I’ll never be able to finish my loaf of bread before it’s best before date (into the freezer it will go, of course!), so I decided to … Continue reading

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Marvelous Mango

I love to have smoothies for breakfast. With the help of a Magic Bullet blender, I’ve been blending my breakfasts at home and carrying them to work almost every single day for the past three years. One of my favorite … Continue reading

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