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What I’ve Been Eating!

Recently, I cooked the Tofu and Vegetable Cacciatore on Roasted Spaghetti Squash from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen.  I had fun cooking with mushrooms- for the very first time ever!  I also liked that the recipe made five servings, each with about … Continue reading

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Curried Coconut and Chickpea Soup

Need a quick soup fix?  Curried Coconut and Chickpea soup can be made in twenty minutes, using mostly ingredients from your pantry.  The flavours are fresh, the texture is comforting, and it’s a good source of vegetarian protein.  Serve alone, … Continue reading

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Catalan Couscous Salad

I’ve been hooked on Catalan Couscous Salad since I first found it in Appetite for Reduction: Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Meals. This awesome cookbook features lots of healthy, low-fat, low-cal vegan recipes.  I love it because unlike other vegan … Continue reading

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Lunch in Minutes: Fresh Southwest Quinoa

Once again I was checking out 101 Cookbooks, and I stumbled across an old recipe for Heather’s Quinoa.  It looked like it would pack up nicely for a week of lunches at work, but I was concerned about the flavour … Continue reading

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Make-Ahead Breakfast: Cocoa-Banana Whole-Wheat Pancakes

I know what I’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday…).  And it’s full of chocolate-banana goodness!  My friend had a busy weekend and she invited me over for an energizing breakfast of whole-wheat pancakes with … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Zuppa Toscana (à la Olive Garden… I think?)

I keep seeing commercials on TV here for Olive Garden, which leave me conflicted.  I’m an avid member of Chowhound, where people post comments like “their reputation for serving mediocre, bland and disappointing food is very much deserved” and the … Continue reading

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Vegetable-Packed Pasta Sauce

Here’s an easy way to up the nutrients in your comforting pasta dinner: add lots of grated vegetables!  When grated on a box grater, the little vegetable pieces cook quickly but hold their texture remarkably well.  Plus, they add all … Continue reading

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