Lazy Lunches: Veggie Burgers

Sometimes I’m just feeling really lazy!  And other times, I’m tired of going out for dinner and watching my friends eat burgers and fries, while I’m relegated to the “Entree Salads” section of the menu.  When I’m having one of those days, I come home and eat a veggie burger!

Sadly, I don’t think Canada has caught up to other countries on the veggie burger train.  You can’t buy Quorn here, nor can we buy Morningstar Farms products (and they’re supposed to be America’s #1 Veggie Burger!).  So, my veggie burger of choice is Yves Garden Vegetable Patties, which aren’t sold in the USA but are totally awesome because they’re chock-full of little pieces of vegetables, and they don’t try to replicate the taste of meat (a dislike of meat is the primary reason I became vegetarian in the first place).  Writing that paragraph makes me a little angry- why are vegetarian products so different regionally?  Quorn has been sold in the UK since 1985, but the Canadian government won’t approve it for sale here?  And why can’t my friends in beef-loving Texas enjoy a Yves Garden Vegetable Patty every now and then?

So here is my little Canadian veggie burger, on a fresh kaiser bun from the bakery, topped with barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese.  On the side, some french fries and leftover romesco sauce (vegan friendly, not like aioli!) for dipping.

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3 Responses to Lazy Lunches: Veggie Burgers

  1. bakingdevils says:

    Looks good..I am a vegetarian too and would rather have a burger made with vegetables/ tofu as compared to quorn..Apart from it’s strange taste, it is highly processed and I’ll happily give that a miss 🙂 I feel like having a nice burger with fries for my dinner today after reading your post…


  2. Hi there, Thanks for visiting my space. You have an awesome space and I loved reading your posts. The veggie burger that we get here doesn’t taste that good and so i make it myself at home. I think you are right, the problem is they taste too meaty.

  3. Johanna GGG says:

    I think it is only recently quorn is allowed in to Australia but I am not a fan of it. We have quite different burgers here to you and while I would love to taste yours, I also like having different burgers in different regions – makes travel so much more fun

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