Marvelous Mango

I love to have smoothies for breakfast. With the help of a Magic Bullet blender, I’ve been blending my breakfasts at home and carrying them to work almost every single day for the past three years.

One of my favorite smoothie add-ins is mango, but it rarely finds its way into my breakfast cup. Why? Because frozen mango is ridiculously overpriced. For years I would only buy Europe’s Best frozen mango blends when they were on sale, and even then I’d still have to pick around pieces of other fruit (enough with the frozen peach slices already!).

However, I’ve found a solution! Now, I keep my eyes peeled for mangoes when they’re on sale, and buy some that are perfectly ripe. I peel and roughly chop the flesh, and put it into my blender (you can fit about two mangoes into a Magic Bullet cup, or up to six in a regular blender). Then, I add in just enough juice to keep the mixture moving, and blend away! Once the mixture is totally smooth I pour it into a medium-weight Ziplock bag, let the puree settle in an even layer, and freeze it. Then, in the morning, adding mango to my smoothie is as simple as breaking off a frozen chunk! It couldn’t be easier!

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